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Posted:22nd Paralounge Drum Gathering
May 10-12, 2013
Camp Kiwanis
Silver Springs, Florida 34488

Bring your entire family to this unique event. All ages will enjoy this weekend of drum circle excitement! Spend your weekend camping with hundreds of drum circle enthusiast. Participate in fun and educational workshops. Learn about world culture through drum and dance. See amazing performances by professional percussion artist from all over the world.

This Paralounge bring you the Orlando Sanchez Band!
The Orlando Sanchez Band will be performing a Percussion Tribute to the music of Santana. You will hear your favorite Santana songs performed with special emphasis on the percussion involved with the music.
Tuatha Dea is from the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee and brings a unique sound to the Paralounge stage. Tuatha Dea is translated from the Gaelic languages meaning, Children of God. They play a blend of traditional Celtic music mixed with Rock & Roll and Tribal Drumming.
John Scalicis Juka Tribe is traveling from Birmingham Alabama. The Juka Tribe mixes World Rhythm with modern jam harmonics. It creates a special blend of World Boogie!
More to be announced..

The Paralounge Drum Gathering is fun and educational! Drum Magic provides a trailer of African Djembe drums for those who need them to participate. The workshops encourage the entire family to participate together. Workshops encourage Self Confidence, Musicality and Cultural Understanding. All ages can enjoy learning together and interacting as a community.
22nd Paralounge Drum Gathering instructors:
Jana Broder Drum Circle Facilitator
John Scalici Drum Circle Facilitator
Ray Wood Native American Style Flute
Bonnie Brown Hoop Dance
Martin GreyWolf Gong Flow Meditation
Orlando Sanchez Conga Drum & Latin Rhythms
Sandy Palmer Yoga
More to be announced.

Take advantage of the amazing selection of hand crafted exotic instruments from all over the world. There are several vendors that supply drum, didgeridoos, flutes and percussion of all shapes and sizes.
Shorty Palmer will be available with an enormous selection of percussion instruments and his amazing African Djembes. He carries all kinds of drum building supplies and also does drum tuning during the event. Take his How to build a Djembe DVD home!

Paralounge Drum Gathering offers a weekend where you can enjoy a camping weekend with the family while interacting with a community of musicians. Its a Drum Circle Family Re-Union! Spend your day participating in the many drum and dance workshops. Watch the amazing performances in the early evening. Then you have the opportunity to play in the drum circle until the sun comes up! The bon-fire is tended all night and we challenge you to play until daylight.

Go to for full details on this event.

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