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Posted:Hey! smile I hope this is in the right thread area :S .. anyway..
Im new to fire poi. I have had two practices. On my last practice when pouring the paraffin it spilled a little on the handles of my poi and the chain. Forgive me if this is a very stupid question but once it drys will they be safe to use or should I wash the handles and chain so that there is no paraffin residue there that may set alight next time?

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Posted:I would suggest washing handles so any residue is definitely out of the tight weave, but have to admit I have used them after just toweling them dry.

Would also suggest to avoid this try just filling a tub with fuel and lowering the heads in, then there is less chance of the handles being effected, the chains should be fine they may get a little hot as it burns off but shouldn't burn through.

Also to save fuel make a spin off tub, half bottle or large tin with strings to put poi in then spin them hard before burning to remove excess fuel then you can add the excess back to your tub = more burns for your fuel money hug

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