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Posted:Hi all, I was just reading a thread on cj.org about the different directions people were taking their styles in e.g extending body rolls or incorporating dance with isolations, and I was wondering what's going on in world of poi at the moment?

Personally I'm working on getting complete freedom of movement when dancing around, everything going forwards and backwards, turns, transitions and all that jazz down really smoothly so I can just freestyle to whatever's in my headphones =D.

How about the rest of you, any interesting concepts or ideas, new techy stuff, or cool ways of moving people are looking into??

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Posted:I'm looking into movement in general.

Starting out as a juggler, most of what I do while practicing is to stand, feet shoulder width apart, relaxed, and juggle while trying to not move....

Now as I get better at poi, I find standing in one spot... isn't always so great.
Aside from that, I think freedom of length is important. Arms extended full, or retracted full, or halfway, or one in one out... etc. It changes the way many patterns/moves look in general. I think that's nifty.


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Posted:I'm concetrating on pure physical excersise now. Including warm-
ups, stretching and simple technical routines. I have plenty of
mirrors available so I concentrate on perfect clean shapes that
fits to body.



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Posted:im focusing on tosses and unique "springy" manipulations that are cool with sock poi, like a yoyo so too speak. and im also into "string manipulation"ish stuff, i enjoy making experienced spinners question what prop im actually using.


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