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ExuroThe Prodigy
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It's been nearly two years since I first developed the Inferno,
and it's high time that it became open source.

Prop designers, please do not charge more than $100 for a pair of these heads.

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You play with fire,
You're going to get burned.

Ase AnthonyGOLD Member
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Awesome post! Thank you so much for sharing your brain child!!

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[ Unregistered ]addict
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It's the original name for this type of knot ?

Cause it sounds a bit weird.


Sister ElevenGOLD Member
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The actual knot is an 8 strand crown sinnet.


ExuroThe Prodigy
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Sister eleven is correct,
to be more exact though, it is an "over 3" 8 strand crown sinnet.

I dubbed it the "Inferno", because of the massive amount of flames it produces, thanks to its large surface area.

You play with fire,
You're going to get burned.

vetvickaSILVER Member
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I've just made these heads from nylon rope. They are super heavy. Cant imagine how would they feel when soaked in fuel...
But I've tried to make "over 2" 6 strand crown sinnet version. And it seems a lot better. Still twice bigger than my cathedrals smile Also you save some kevlar.

And I'm not sure with tightening it so much. I understand its necessary for the knot. But it's reducing the kevlar ability to soake fuel.

Thanks for sharing though, its an inpiration.

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hamza_araqiSILVER Member
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Location: Canada

I wana know if some can told me how to fix this head into a Fire Staff ??????
I realy need some healp thx !

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