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Posted:Hi guys.

I just purchased my first fire staff, and ordered it with the red grip, and the center marked black. I used paraffin, or lamp oil if you prefer, as the fuel, and it worked nice. after some jerk decided to try my staff, he stained his hands all black, and after that he grabbed the grip like a pro at least. well, my grip stayed all stained, black, and invisible in throws. :'(

Any advice what detergent should i try, or is the grip finished for all of eternity. The grip is the standard home of poi grip, colour red: http://www.homeofpoi.com/shop/productDetails/2m-of-Over-Grip-Cushion-Tape
I tried clean water, dishwashing soap, and an alcohol cleaning tissue. no luck whatsoever. If the grip is finished, any good link on how to change, lock and balance a new staff grip right?

Thanks guys,


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Posted:I'd try turpentine as a cleaner, it's generally pretty good for organic stains - but try a little on one end first to test it.

Or mark the center with another contract colour you can see against the black.




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Posted:your staff will get dirty over time, it's just something we have to get used to, a good clean will get some of it off but i wouldn't worry about it, i use a black grip now so the dirt doesn't show and just mark the centre point and the ends of the grip in high vis tape so i can see whats going on

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Posted:Well, i believe you are right. I tried a number of chemicals today, and none of them worked as well as the paraffin. I cleaned it, twirled fire, and boom, it was black again. I decided to go for the high-vis flo-tape markings over the now black grip. Do you guys know any great fluorescent tape that works for the purpose? Electricians tape is great, but if i want more color?