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July 8th - 10th
Camp Gaea in McLouth, KS

Zenfest is a workshop based festival focused on crossing the boundries between the disciplines of object manipulation, hand drumming and body/energy work, enabling attendees to find their own path to "zen".

Presenters include -
Noel Yee
Aileen Lawlor
Dylan Bassett, MA
Marie DeMars
Jason Divad
and many man more!

Some of the workshops that will be offered will be on: Fire Spinning, Massage, Women's Drumming, Reiki, Tai Chi, Tribal Bellydance, Contact Staff, West Afrian Drumming, Poi, Sweat Lodges, Contact Juggling and many more.

Pre-registration is $50 for all three days or $60 at the gate.

More details can be found at:


US Performer liability insurance run by performers. Why pay more then you have to?

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Posted:Should be a blast!

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