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So I'm interested in learning about hooping but is there a special hoop (size, weight, material) needed, or could I theoretically just buy a hula hoop from Target to start with so I can learn the basics? What would be the disadvantages to this, especially for a new beginner? thanks!

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its easier to hoop with a heavy hoop and for size get one thats atleast hip/waist height. If you have a decent hoop it makes it heaps more fun. target may have one that suits smile have fun

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They are not that difficult to make, from what I understand.

Get irrigation tubing and the connectors for it, and you can make them quite cheaply.

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visit or hoop city and you will find oodles of kaboodles of info on different thicknesses, psi strength,types of tape, etc.

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DROP THE TARGET HOOP AND SLOWLY BACK AWAY!! Lol those are evil little bastards. Okay heres the deal...

For a beginner, measure the distance from your belly button to the floor. This is the same as the diameter you need for your first hoop. For example, there is 42" from my belly button to the floor so my first hoop was 42" in diameter. You can buy these hoops at a few different places online, the ones I'd reccomend are or Sweet Shoppe Hoops. A great way to find a bargain is to go onto and find a hoop maker in your area.

I tend to make my own hoops and its super easy.

The cheap way: you need to get yourself some 3/4" 160 psi polyethylen (PE) irrigation tubing. That sounds complicated but its not. Anyone who speaks tubing will know exactly what you mean so if you go to a tubing supply store (like a PGG or whatever) they should know exactly what you are talking about. Home Depot and I believe Lowes also carry the tubing necessary for hoop making. Usually it only comes in 100 foot rools for about $45 (makes about 10 hoops, make a bunch for you or some for your friends smile make a couple different sizes for yourself too). You'll also need 3/4" connectors (1 for every hoop u plan on making, they r usually 50 cents or so). Cut your tubing to size ( heres some math for you, circumference (length of tubing you'll need)= Diamter x 3.14 for example if I want a hoop that is 38" in diameter I would need (38x3.14= 119) 119 inches of tubing). Tube cutters make life easier but a saw works as well. Next follow my vid to construct.

Now usually hoops are decorated with Gaffer tape because it adds grip. But gaffers tape is expensive. If you want to buy it its totally worth it. If not, heres what you do. Take a sheet of sand paper and rub your hoop down with it until its all rough. That will give you hoop some nice grip. Then decorate with some electrical tape stripes (electrical tape is CHEAP!! and easy to redo).

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I usually buy 3/4" 100 PSI or 160 PSI tubing at Lowes. The 100 psi is $25 for a 100 foot roll and I *think* the 160 is about $30 or $35 for a 100 foot roll. I'll either make them as is or I'll fill them up with water(for weight) or beans(for noise). There's not really anything else I can say that Flint didn't cover already, but if you're looking for some fancy tape you can find some really awesome ones at Hobby Lobby. I really like the tye dye and chrome. <3

Also, there's this website:

Their holographic tape is really pretty.

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