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BRONZE Member since Apr 2011

Location: holland, utrecht

Total posts: 5
Posted:hey hey ,

i just started poi spinning and really like it, now i hope i can meet some ppl around my area who also do poi spinning ( or other juggeling)
i am coming from utrecht and i likt to maybe have a meeting some where


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GOLD Member since Oct 2009

Location: San Antonio, TX, USA

Total posts: 9
Posted:hey, I'm not dutch, but I sent you a PM as I will be visiting in a month or so and figured maybe have a poi meetup or something! smile


BRONZE Member since Sep 2009


Location: The netherlands

Total posts: 65
Posted:I'm a staff spinner myself located in Leiden :3

Ouch o.O


SILVER Member since Jun 2011

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Total posts: 15
Posted:i just recently started spinning, living in Utrecht at the moment, so hit me up smile you will probably be able to teach me loads by now wink


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