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Hi, so first off sorry if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't to sure where it should go and i'm looking for help/advice.

So quite recently my left shoulder has been causing some discomfort, its makes a popping sort of feeling like its popping back into place.
It happens if I raise my arm to a certain height, to make a Y sort of shape (if I raised both arms) or doing a back stroke sort of action, it happens very slighty if I do the action very slowly but when im lowering I can feel when it about to happen.

the discomfort was very mild and started months ago when I was trying to get my planes neat for flowers (looking back at it now I think I was trying to get my arm to stright and have aggrivated it now, but the real discomfort started after I did an exercise at the gym with weights, but also how stright should someone try to get there arms to get tidy planes?.

So has anyone else had a similar injury to this? should I lay off poi and similar arm movements for a while? cut the gym out entirely or just certain excercises? or just work through it and hope it goes away? and would it be worth seeing a doctor or would it be wasting their time?.

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If you are feeling pain or discomfort, you should probably seek medical advice if it does not diminish.

Just what my view is. smile

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hmm sounds odd, what type of pain is it? i have a little knowledge on musclature injury through family in medicine and through karate. from what you describe it sounds like a problem in ligaments if you dont get any pain from the popping. if it only hurts when its under load eg. weight or just afterwards it might be on old injury come back to haunt you. if your unsure about it and its causing you severe pain (interrupting day to day life) then id personally get it checked out

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Well the popping doesn't feel painful just uncomfortable, and but then it sort of pains in my arm if I let it happen alot( the top section of my arm near the shoulder)

but spose i'll get it checked out since no harm in asking before I do something irrversible or just waste time not spinning

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i dislocated both my shoulders growing up in stupid falls from climbing things I shouldn't and sometimes get the sensation you describe. I've found that poi is very helpful in the long run, so long as your careful and don't over exert yourself you will build up muscles around the shoulders which will hold them in place. careful with your weights- be sure to engage your shoulder muscles to lift anything heavy, don't just grip the weight and let it hang from the the joint, that can cause damage. flowers are taxing on the shoulders at first so take it slow, use LOTS of beats, move your arms slowly and get your planes straight(like 20 petals a flower!) then when you've spent a week or so doing these movements you'll have developed muscle where it's needed and the plane control to start hitting flowers smile

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2nd the suggestion you should get a medical assessment first, because there's various causes of shoulder problems.

I've had similar problems with my left shoulder that has less range of movement than my right due to an old injury. I've had 2 longish breaks from spinning because of it, just getting back in now.

Meenik has a good vid on poi and shoulder problems here:

other than that I find rotator cuff exercises helpful (I found a number of sets via google, don't have them bookmarked) - so much so I thought my shoulder was better but the problem came back. For me at least just spinning isn't enough, I need to keep up the shoulder exercises as well. Which is not a big deal - 10 minutes a day covers it.


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Wow, I'm surprised no one has suggested this, but always warm up and stretch before you practice! It decreases the risk of injury significantly. For warming up, I'll either do a little bit of tai chi or I'll spin poi slowly and do simple moves for about ten minutes (working on stalls, turns, etc.). After the warming up, I do arm and shoulder stretches (holding them for about thirty seconds) for a few minutes. THEN I start doing my regular poi spinning routine and practices. I recommend doing other forms of exercise besides poi that will increase your flexibility like yoga, tai chi, etc. I've been doing yoga for years and it has really helped me with my flexibility. It'll really help to prevent injury.

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