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Posted:What do you do to practice when you're somewhere you can't practice? Like at work, or on a bus, or somewhere like that?

Practice finger rolls with a pen at my desk at work.Practice balance with my umbrella at the bus stop.
Got any nifty ninja drills to share?

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Posted:ive seen micro poi, think double loop handels connected directly to a poi head.
other than that, take your toys with you(like on break from work, or walking to the bus stop)

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Posted:Do it in your head.

Seriously, visualisation is important.

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Posted:I bring my poi to work with me all the time. Spin on my break and while I wait for my ride.

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Posted:Spin at work with two computer mouses..

Don't tell anyone!


ps: Juggle with water bottle after shopping..


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Posted:juggle in down time on night shifts, good way to stay awake and alert.

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Posted:i have spun grocery bags you would be amazed at the things you can do with them before they bust

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Posted:Spin on lunch/smoke breaks. And spin on the job until a supervisor says not to (mine was amusingly dramatic about this, so it might be good for lulz too). Single occupant restrooms also help.



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