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Posted:What setting or how do you get a camera to get that prolong effect? Like this: photo

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Posted:Shutter speed. You need to increase the time that the shutter stays open.


Posted:ok thanks. grin




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Posted:depending on the speed of spin, you need to extend shutter speed. use your camera's programs or set it to manual. set

shutter at least to 1/30s - the longer, the more trails

aperture use 2,8 only if distance to subject is static horizontally - the higher the number the greater depth of field

try using a flash too (camera on manual) and if you have an SLR, try "second curtain sync"

try making a shot and panning your camera at the same time - not too much, just a little....

Enjoy the results - yay for digital photography ; )))

ps: got very few on my site: www.firetom.com

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Posted:and if you are going to have the shutter speed open you probably would like to have a tripod or a place to set down the camera so there is no "shake"

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Posted:What camera do you have?

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