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Posted:ive been looking at a few videos of the eco poi monster heads and theyre amazing but way outta my price range. anyone know what braid is used or how to tie it? i know they use a special kevlar rope but im willing to use regular 3/8'' kevlar rope, might not be as good but itll do for my purposes

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Posted:It's like this, but there's actually another step you do where you take you loos ends and run them down all the loops made by the outside layer. You'll know what I mean when you get to making it.

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Posted:so, Ive not shopped for new toys in forever and these Monsters are unfamiliar to me. Has anyone done a comparison to something like Salza's Isis poi? (they seem to be the most similar)

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Posted:i have seen both and think the major flaw in salzas design is chain wear on the ropes ecopoi lessens this issue which is important if you burn regularly and dont wish to replace heads frequently i build isis style heads but sacrifice few extra grams to have i bolt in the center to prevent wear in the video he goes up then starts again i prefer to go up then wrap back down 3/8 from luxotica seams to be best kevlar in usa as is 100 porcent kevlar but burn beautifuly i use 4 meters per head and am very content with life span and burn times


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