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Posted:Hello all. I'm new here although I have been doing poi for some time.

This video is probably well-known and may be well-digested amongst the commoners here but I need help identifying one of the moves.

Almost as soon as it starts, the gentleman will begin doing, what I can only hypothesize, is some sort of variation on isolated flower weaves(???)

Any and all help giving a name to this would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted:Yeah, it's kinda reverse weave(Poi goes foreward, hands backward
as you can closely see, so it looks like antispin at wall planes).

with isolation,



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Posted:Yeah it does look like it's based on the antispin weave. As for how to go about learning this, I'd suggest starting with a solid antispin weave and an isolated weave as prerequisites (the former more so than the latter). Then take your antispin weave and try to isolate. Maybe first one hand at a time. Do take notice though that this is only namely a weave, since the hands don't even come close to actually crossing or uncrossing. They just switch the wheelplane they are on.

It's very hard to keep a perfect isolation while doing antispin, so don't be too hard on excellent technique at the beginning (not even the guy in the video manages to isolate through the whole pattern, his hand stops for a moment every now and then). I'd imagine this thing is similar to learning the isolated weave, in the sense that it will start out looking crappy (even though you have the pattern down), and will gradually increase in quality as the you manage to isolate more and more of it.




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Posted:Thank you. This helped a lot.

I have begun learning the anti-spin weave and it doesn't feel too far off. Unfortunately, I am awful at isolations so I'll have to spend a lot of time on those.

Seeing as I got what I came for, feel free to watch the video - the level of technique and technicality in particular - and discuss it here.


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Posted:interesting thing is the antispin weave looks very similar to 4 petal antispin weafve if you extend a bitzy petals smile


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