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'SummerFlame - festival of fire and moving arts'
is the first ever juggling convention with international attendance to be held in Serbia.
The event will take place from 1st to 4th of July 2011 in Novi Sad. We are expecting around 200 attendants from all over Europe.

What is special about this convention is not only the fact that Serbia does not have a developed juggling scene yet, but also the convention concept itself:

Not only will this event include all kinds of arts of object manipulation, but rather tries to combine these with moving arts as a reaction to modern development in the area of neo-circus.

The local participation will consist of workshops in the fields of Breakdance, Capoeira, Ninjutsu (staff fighting), Parkour, and Acrobatics, whereas international teachers such as MCP, Cyrille and Dorothea, Magma Firetheatre, Meast, etc. will contribute their knowledge in the fields of object manipulation.

The event will have more of a festival character including colorful decorations, food and handcraft stands, live music, a fire space and much more. The location is a public park, part of the close by public river beach and a couple of industrial halls.

The focus of this convention will lay on workshops. Nevertheless there will be two public shows in order to promote juggling in Novi Sad. Also some of the workshops will be open to the public in order to enable active exchange with the citizens of Novi Sad.

This convention will help to promote performance arts in Serbia and the Balkan regions, help to build up a national juggling scene, and give the possibility for networking and intercultural exchange of knowledge with jugglers from the rest of Europe. We want to give access to skills and knowledge to Serbian jugglers that might not have the financial means to travel to EJCs or to attend Workshops with international teachers.
Last but not least we hope to make a statement against racism and discrimination in Serbia, as circus arts can be used as a tool to cross the line between nationality, age, ethics, aesthetics, disciplines and social status.

For more information check out the festival homepage with trailer video and current line-up: www.summerflame.org.

We are looking forward to welcome u all in Serbia!!

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hey guys,
finally its possible to register for SummerFlame!
check out the program page to find out more about workshops.
On the info page you can find important information about serbia and a list of airlines, busses, etc.

Please sign up as early as possible so that we can better estimate the number of participants.

looking forward to meeting you all in summer!!

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On www.wizzair.com u can find cheap flights to the convention:

from dortmund to belgrade for 15
from london to belgrade for 25
from brussels to belgrade for 30
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I think this topic is much informative,
nevertheless cheap flight info.


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only 8 more days and still some spaces :-)

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