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Posted:Hello HoP people! I know I haven't been really active for ages.. just been lurking around. I ought to start being more active again, and what a better way to do it than to get my first burn out of the way. I've already been spinning for a while now, but I just never ended up trying fire. It just never intrigued me that much, not that I think of it as a gimmick either. But I thought that since I've owned these monkey fists since last year's June, I ought to actually try them out. Now that I've tried it, I definitely want to do it again. It was fun as hell. The roaring sound and the wind of the flames does give it a special feeling, I noticed. But maybe next time I'd prefer to record something more thought out and coreographed than straight out improvising like this one smile.

Being a first burn, it's mostly just me getting comfortable with the fire (which happened surprisingly easy) and trying out how different moves feel with this flaming thing at the end of my poi. So I'm pretty much just resorting to cookie cutting, not really too much flow here. And I of course left all the nasty mistakes and tangles in there. Don't wanna make myself look better than I really am tongue2 .

The music is planted afterwards, there was no music when I was spinning. So any nifty correlations you might see in the rhythm of the spinning and the music is completely coincidental.

Anyways, I hope it invites some opinions good and bad wink. I never turn away constructive criticism, even in a first burn vid. :

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