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Funky Blessings Daily

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Posted:First of all I wanted to see more action on the "other toys" section.

So anyway...I was playing around with my rope dart as I do almost daily and I started thinking more about not using my hands. For some reason I also never played around with other ways to hold the rope, or even using both hands ambidextrously.

Now I did some quick searching and didn't see any mention of contact rope dart. If anyone is interested in video of rope dart tricks, and contact stuff specifically I'm workin' on it, and maybe I'll record myself doing some stuff in the near future.

Also please tell me if I have my foot in my mouth and this stuff is already readily done.


Flow Artist
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Posted:I would imagine that many of the 'contact' rope dart moves will evolve from the puppy hammer, so that's where I would start. I would also think that the wraps would be extended from meteor hammer, however, there would need to be weight to counter the dart if wanted the rope dart to maintain contact with your body without the use of your hands.


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Posted:i been doing rope dart for a while and contact dart is something i tried after watching contact staffers and dragon staffs. I start by doing a neck wrap and as it unwinds doing an upper shoulder bump. If is hard to do true contact without using your hands. Instead hold the knot with one hand and dont use the other at all. So this way your never controlling the head only the length of rope.


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Posted:Seeing that this is an old topic, i'm really late with this xD
i'm new here, but i -do- know a little bit about contact rope dart. Most moves are based on a sort of weave between your arms caled "myriad manacles"
There's a guy on youtube doing a tutorial.

-The tutorial-

Hope it helps!

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Posted:I have also been getting into contact rope dart. I find that doing it blindfolded helps you focus on where the rope is travelling along your body.

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