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leospoiSILVER Member
Poi explorer
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Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

I made a playlist the other day for people that are new to the spinning scene or that don't know about past videos to keep track of the best fire poi videos on youtube.

As the description says: Inspiring performances, superb flow, advanced technique and/or high quality video production with fire poi

If you think another video should be added let me know.

Sister ElevenGOLD Member
owner of the group property
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Location: Seattle, WA, USA

Although it's the same routine as the one you already have for G, i prefer his Bornfire 2009 performance (even if his footwork is harder to see). Great playlist though, you hit all my favorite fire performances.


afriskaPLATINUM Member
29 posts
Location: Switzerland

Great list! Thanks for sharing!

Andy JGOLD Member
7 posts
Location: USA

nice list! i've seen a lot of em but definitely need to watch a few. this has always been a favorite of mine:

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