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Posted:Hi there,

So here's my contribution to the video section smile

Elements in the video that I bought at HoP:
single poi, double poi, snakes, single staff, double staff, fire wings, fire sword, white flags...that's about it !

Highlights 2010

Enjoy watching!

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Posted:Really nice to see flag poi span well. This video really helped me appreciate flag poi as i've never really liked them before. Really nice video well edited well filmed and well constructed. Keep spinning, keep filming.


Posted:Thank you richii!
Oh we won't stop filming.... Yannick and I are quite happy about making videos just for the fun of it!
More to see on www.firedancing.ch :o)


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Posted:Fist Switzerland spinner I know.

yay ! grin



Posted:Hopefully not the last!!


Posted:Hi there,

Yannick and I discovered a magical place in the woods, very close to where I used to live. One could expect to see little fairies and gnomes running around. Very inspiring!
The FairyWings are amazing. So smooth for spinning and I hardly tangle up with them.

In the video:
FairyWings from Germany

Dancing with fairywings on Twannberg, Switzerland 2010

Comments and suggestions always welcome!

Enjoy watching smile


Posted:We went to shoot a few fire toys in front of the Castle of Delmont... but didn't think about the fact that it was Saturday night and lots of drunk people around! We managed to have fun anyway yes
Yannick still decided about his "artistic editing", but this time we tried to show a bit more technique.

In the video:
fire wings, single staff, double staff, monkey fist poi, snakes

Shooting Firedance at the Castle of Delmont, Switzerland 2010

Enjoy watching smile


Posted:This is my trailer for an event 4 times a year. People get on the boat (a beautiful solar catamaran), have dinner, get off at some point on the way back and there I make the fireshow. It's really special to wait for the audience on shore grin

Trailer Fireshow Bielersee Schifffahrtsgesellschaft 2010

Comments & suggestions welcome!


Posted:Last year we spent a beautiful day out on the St. Peters Island on the Lake of Biel (Switzerland). We felt like going on a big trip: loaded with fire & camera equipment, pick nick, photo camera for the day and even wood for the camp fire at night. Loved it!

And that's what came out of it. You might not notice....but the water was freezing my feet off! (why are swans not bothered with this kind of little details?!?)

Fire Dance at the St. Peter's Island, Switzerland 2010

Enjoy watching smile


Posted:And this is our newest "baby"! We've discovered an amazing "playground" for fire dancing and filming bounce2
We tried to film fireworks for the first time, Yannick could try out his new Pocket Dolly (glider for the camera) and we finally found a great location to have reflections in the water! We were absolutely thrilled and spent nearly 4 hours there crazy Hope you like it as much as we loved to make it!

In the video:
Single poi, single staff, double staff, "sparkling staff", fireworks

Sparkling Fire, Sony NEX-VG10 Kessler Crane Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly

Comments & suggestions welcome yes


Posted:Just spent a few hours out in the woods with my FairyWings and a bunch of Yannick's video stuff.

FairyWings in the Woods, Switzerland 2011

Hope you like it smile


Posted:No good preparation for this show and we never tried out the LED staffs and poi with the laser show before the night of the show. But it was still good fun, dancing in the middle of a laser show and the audience seemed to like it!

Yannick didn't want to use his big camera cos there was a risk for the lasers to break it. So he only used his "stunt camera" as a souvenir.

Wedding Laser and LED Poi Dance Show, 2011

Enjoy watching


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Posted:My compliments to you and Yannick. Your videos are always a joy to watch =D



Thank you smile


Our 2 latest videos:

- Testing the new Sony NEX-5n. A compact camera with interchangeable lenses. Fantastic results for such a small camera! Having good quality doesn't mean "unpayable" anymore!

Bright Eyes, First test with Sony NEX-5n low light capabilities

-Yannicks Showreel 2011. It's the first time that his passion of flight and firedance show in one video. It was a real pleasure to see this year bringing us so many fantastic opportunities and I believe it's due to Yannicks passion, his hard work, his perfectionism, his respect for others. I'm honoured and touched to be part of it. His magical videos are the reflection of his beautiful being!

Showreel Yannick Barthe 2011

Enjoy watching what this year has brought to us smile


Posted:Hi there

It's been a while since our last video and we haven't been very active on fire videos (too many other fun plans).

But here's the Firedancing.ch, The Highlights 2011 video that sums up all the good times we had making videos in 2011!

And after over 2 years of watching Yannick filming and editing, I tried it out myself for the first time and made a video of Nick Woolsey's Poi & Yoga Retreat Switzerland!

Poi & Yoga Retreat, Switzerland 2012

Enjoy watching!




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Posted:My compliments to you and Yannick. Your videos are always a joy to watch =D

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Posted:Hello from finland :)

Here is my fire dancing promo video :) I hope you like it :) [url=

]Fire dancing[/url]


Posted:Hi there,

It's been a while. So here are the latest news!

My highlights videos, summing up our videos from 2009 to 2014:

Franziska Neuhaus : Flow Arts Highlights 2009-2014

We've been doing lots of fun things like fire and Pod poi dancing in front and on a plane, in the snow, next to the lake, in the forest, on mountains... lots of beautiful video footage and photography by Yannick. Have a look on my website Firedancing.ch and enjoy :-)

Have a great day!


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Posted:Here is a great HD video shot of slow motion Fire Spinning.

Thought you guys might enjoy!



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