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Posted:Hello Home Of Poi community!

As you can see, I'm new to this site, but I was hoping that I could get some help/advice with putting a Poi performance together.

I've been spinning for a while, but I'm new to the poi-spinning community.
In about two weeks, I'll be doing a fire-performance for my University's Juggling Club.

So far, I've tried doing a mock-up/brain storm for the performance with a set of Led Poi.

I'd appreciate it if you'd add some advice to the performance.
I'm kinda concerned about the stalls I've planned in it, because I know that stall feel slightly different for me (more intimidating) with fire.

Also, although I have a clear idea of what I want some parts of the song to look like, I feel like I just throw in some uninspired free style during some of the more low-beat stuff.

Again, any advice would be appreciated!

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Posted:dance move your body the Poi should be an extension of your dance not the other way around but other wise give it a whirl


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Posted:I use this stuff for guidelines as I choreograph.

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Posted:You might also give Megs' thread a look see too about how to make a routine to music good and do other things good too. It can be found here
Hope this helps.

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Posted:hey there
i teach choreography and all sorts at the Fire school




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Posted:beautiful fire dancing

veey beautiful Fire Spinning combos here and also slowed down to see the combos and transitions


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Posted:1:36 started nice, and then you didn't follow the music...

When new things come into the music change something fundamental such as the timing/direction combinations...

It's hard to see your body, so hard to see about your dancing, but it's proabably safe to guess you're not moving around much...

Such a dramatic song would require closely letting it drive the performance, which I didn't see so much...

Maybe stop spinning circles altogether, and just try express the music without moves, and start from there...

just my 2 cents...

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Posted:Hey just some ideas smile

Make use of the space more.... personally for me, moving your body and dancing with the Poi is more important than pulling off a harder trick.

Also the music and your moves dont seem to syncronise at the beginning maybe just do pendulum or big stalls at beginning.... but I really like 1.10

Are you able to spin slower when the music slows?

Dont do a weave facing the audience.

You chose a difficult tune lol


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