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Posted:disclaimer: I don't work for flowtoys, and I don't know anyone from flowtoys personally.

the problem: in an attempt to remove flowmass from one of my crystal cases, I made a stupid decision and tied a leash onto the closed end of the case. instead of giving me some leverage to pull the flowmass off, I ended up ripping part of the case off.

what I did: I emailed flowtoys to ask them what their policy was, explaining that this was totally my fault, though it was an honest mistake and not intentional damage.

the result: within a couple hours, bri from flowtoys emailed me letting me know that I could send them a picture of the ripped case and they would replace it FOR FREE.

the conclusion: flowtoys was prompt, friendly, and incredibly generous in their offer to replace a toy that I (accidentally) broke. I am blown away right now, and I felt a need to share this experience with the spinning community. if anyone from flowtoys ends up reading this, you guys ROCK!

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Posted:i agree best company ive had the pleasure of dealing with. they replaced 8 flowlights and a set of flowchucks for free a couple years back. very very nice company.


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Posted:Flowtoys and HoP have the best customer service of any store I've
ever dealt with.

Flowtoys once made a minor mistake on one of my orders and on the replacement, but they made each replacement for free and even sent me a courtesy sticker!

This statement is false...?


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Posted:Flowtoys has been nothing less than fast and amazing with their customer service response on pretty much any little thing I've asked (complete with giving me advice on what kind of LED to use if I want to solder in my own colors). They were even polite when I tried to bribe them once! (no, seriously) I cannot commend them enough.

(I have never tried to bribe HoP, incidentally, but I agree with above posters that HoP is pretty much every bit as badass. I only wish I hadn't built my favorite pair of poi so I could buy more stuff from HoP.)



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Posted:These 2 stores by far have the best customer service I've ever dealt with.

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Posted:Agreed on both counts.

@ Sister Eleven - can you say what you tried to bribe Flowtoys for ???

The instatiably curious want to know!


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Posted:I'm with you thirteen. I have dealt with them several times. For me, everytime I have purchased an item for Flowtoys, it has arrived the day before the earliest day that they said it could.

I love Flowtoys as a company. Several people I know think that their prices are outrageous. I disagree. No other company I know of gives you the same freedom to learn new things as Flowtoys does with their incredible return policy.

Practicing with my Flowtoys, I can focus less on not breaking my props, and more on learning, dancing, and finding my flow.

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Posted:I haven't had any experience with, but I have had experience with and I absolutely love them. They have special perks and whatnot (like their selection of colorful bags that come with the toy so you can take it anywhere!) and they're very prompt with delivery. It's virtually impossible to break them so no worries there. Oh, and even though I haven't done it (yet) I like that they have an option for bulk orders so that our whole crew can dance with them :)


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