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Posted:Hi All, I just got a couple pairs of LED poi and they use rechargeable AAA NiMH batteries. I've been looking at chargers/extra batteries and there are so many different choices I'm a bit lost.

The prices vary from $15 - $50 with the more expensive ones digitally displaying capacity, voltage, current, etc. Is it worth it to get a nicer charger?

Any recommendations on chargers and/or batteries would be much appreciated. Thanks smile


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Posted:Hi Mark,

the MiMH batteries do not need a special, nice charger.

I would make sure that the charger:
- is switching off or reduce the charging current when the battery is full
- indicates e.g. with a LED going from red to green that charging is finished.

As NiMH batteries do not have a so called memory effect it is not necessary to buy a expensive charged that can discharge the battery before charging.

I think my charger did cost ~ 20$, can charger up to 4 AAA batteries with 200 mA/hr. Means the 700 mA battery will take ~ 4 hrs. to charge. The charger reduces the charging current to 20 mA when finished an indicates the finished job with an LED going red -> green.

Hope that helped....


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Posted:I just got the $15 charger from flowtoys and it works wonderfully! it charges until it senses that they're full and turns red.

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