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Posted:I'm at some confusion at the moment, I'm looking at going for a burn tonight but would I be allowed to spin my Fire Poi (alight) on a common? Or would there be some sort of odd legality that says I can't?

Apologies if this in the wrong place, please move if it's incorrect placement.

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Posted:As laws vary from place to place, including details as to what city and state you live in are going to be helpful.

Boston, you are censored out of luck, most anywhere else, it's pretty unregulated, though it may attract attention. Knowing that everyone around you is sober, you have a safety, talk polite to the cops, this can all go a long way into them leaving you alone. Look professional.


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Posted:Location Ponytpridd = Wales and laws in the UK are even more variable wrt site than in the new world

TP is right about it being very variable though - if you pick a safe place, take precautions (have a watcher, water, Fire Blanket etc) and are polite you'll probably be OK.

If there's a place nearby where bonfires are allowed that'd probably be OK.


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Posted:I would definitely have a small fire extinguisher on had as the appearance of safety is just as important as actually having a dedicated safety. It also usually seems to be easier to get forgiveness than permission, especially the first time on things of this nature.

You can always contact your local Fire Marshall as i did in KC, MO USA. Here it is required to have an open flames permit anywhere in the city and you can get one good for a year. However that is here and have no idea on the laws where you are, as stated before they are variable.

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