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Posted:What is common between renowned South Indian filmmaker Balu Mahendra, five Academy Award winner Clint Eastwood or Chipko movement leader Sunderlal Bahuguna ? Don't rack your brains, the similarity is obvious though past their 70s all these men are alive and kicking.
But senior citizens, especially those of India, tend to retire from an active life very early in the beginning of their sixties. They consider themselves aged. The Indian films and novels depict the aged as a group of people full of complaints regarding the younger generation, finding fault with anything and everything that they do and the only thing that they love to do is glorifying their past. To an extent, this is a true depiction. The senior citizens here have turned out to be a generation which can not keep pace with the modernity.
In fact, all the senior citizens should be inspired by the above mentioned celebrities the old ones who are very lively, perhaps livelier than the present generation. In order to keep their body and mind healthy, senior citizens can do exercises or go for early morning walks. They should also be preoccupied with active, positive thoughts which will keep away the idleness and the complaints. Practising yoga is another method to keep your body and mind fit and rejuvenated and a frequent visit to any ayurvedic spa resorttoo will yield the same results.
Rememeber, after all, you are only as old as you think.

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