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Posted:Hi I've recently just got my first set of sock poi and have no idea how to hold them. I looked on the "How To" part if this website and the diagrams looked nothing like what I have. Mine are sock poi and there is no little loop bits to secure onto your fingers....HELP???

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Posted:I tied a big knot at the end where I wanted to hold it so it's like a big knob.

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Posted:I usually just hold the top bit in my palm and wrap it around a finger or two and grip it between my thumb and pointer.


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Posted:really anyway you can hold it that doesnt obstruct the poi from spinning will work

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Posted:I tend to use long socks and wrap them around my hand, as well. It's closest to how I hold my non-sock poi anyway. I've also seen people stick a bouncy ball in the sock between two knots for a knob grip, or just sew on finger loops (I have a pair where I sewed part of the sock itself into a single loop).



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Posted:Originally Posted By: Sister Eleven (I have a pair where I sewed part of the sock itself into a single loop).

That's what I did with my first pair - my arms are short so I had plenty of spare length.

Knobs are better if you want to do throws, I find loops better if I'm going to spin alot because I can relax my hand some of the time.