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Peachi Pete

Peachi Pete


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Posted:Posted on behalf of the main organisers:

BJC2011 - 15th - 21st April - Pre-reg closes today/soon (see below)

Spinning @ will be hosting a chill out area with PLAY and Southern Lights providing spinning and manipulation workshops from Mon to Weds.
Well its the last day to get your BJC 2011 convention ticket at the lower prices.

So far the figures are amazing with, as of this morning, already over 450 people signed up for full week passes. As a reference, in recent years it has been 50% of people pre-reg - so it should be a big one - I just hope its true!!!!

As a heads up, the shopping cart wont be updated until tomorrow morning........ and if you send me (Jane) a cheque or do a bank transfer this week then we will accept it at the lower price!

And peoples if you do do a bank transfer please please remember to send us an email to tell us - we have had some money into the bank and don't know what its for!!!! (to claim you will have to be very specific LOL)!!

Remember this is an event for you guys and the what makes it good is you guys!


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Posted:Any lifts going from Bristol?


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Posted:curse being in australia this year frown

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Posted:In case people are not aware, some stuff is being streamed at . smile

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Posted:Juggling Inferno's new promo video filmed at the BJC 2011 in Nottingam

Juggling Inferno Fire Shows

Feedback not nessecary as this is the last fire promo I intend to ever make

Thanks to the BJC organsiers and audinces for being amazing.



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