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Posted:Very depressing evening yesterday . There have been some of us twirl on Wednesday evenings in this little park, unfortunately no fire allowed. Its a great little park; I call it a traffic park. One of those kind that is circular with a traffic buzzing around it. Great fun with people yelling things as they drive by, so far all encouraging. We have had up to a dozen peeps show up with staff, poi, flags and glows .

But last night was depressing. I was the only one that showed! What happened to the peeps in Portland? Oh well, I spun my staff, flags and poi and got the normal reaction from passerbys, car and foot traffic, for a couple of hours until it got dark enough for my glow poi. Found that I had an audience across the street about 15 minuets after I started the glow. By the time I finished, about a half an hour later, my audience went from 3 to a dozen. Not all that bad, I got in a unplanned performance and felt much better even though I was the only one there.

Now all I have to do is rig my staff toglow.


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Posted:I went to one of our normal practice times here and nobody showed either. I practiced anyway, but was pestered by lil kids. They were being annoying.

I did practice by myself at my apts one time. Got some weird looks, but I still had fun.

Good luck with your next practices

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Posted:sometimes the best time i've had dancing were when i was by myself.
this no less applies with twilring.
do cus ya luv it!!

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