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Posted:OH brother,
I have to announce that having seen the competition, I will not be entering the:

Annual Biggerest Nerd in the World of Poi Competiotion 2003

Having easily claimed this title in 2002 with
"Poi weave state transition diagrams"

which graphically depicted weaves all the way up to X beats and were used to develop the goofy weave sub-family.
(Surely the most ugly pointless and nerdy family in the whole of poi.)
I reckoned I was onto a winner this year with post modernism in poi.

but I hadn't reckoned on the might of the german entry.
Professor Klaus

even more nerdy than NYC

check out this mans diagrams, the link on the middle of the page....I really don't understand this.

this is the front page of the site look at twirling to music and workshops

Yep I've looked at his book and after 5 years of poi (and holding the biggest nerd in poi title for the last 3 ), I still don't understand it.

and so this years title for biggest nerd in poi will surely go to prof Klaus Scheuermann.

The good news is that he is going to be at the EJC and doing a workshop. Where, unless a stiff challenge can be mounted by the likes of NYC or Dr coleman, I shall be handing the trophy over to Klaus.


tell you what though writing poi in fire for the front page is a brilliant idea. cool.

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Posted:Extra points if you explain to him how custard creams are "made".

"I'll carry this....It's harder to spill a hat" - Chellybean
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The Ministry of Manipulation
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Posted:OK, so I met Klaus, and I think he is lovely.
He absolutely loves poi, lives for it, loves it, his enthusiam is great.

He taught poi to beginners for 2-3 hours every day at the EJC. what a star. and he teaches about understanding of rythym or poi to beginners. which is a great idea.

he's not young and "hip" and "cool", and his stinging style is totally different to a london style, and not about technical patterns, but all about rhythym.

the book he wrote after he had been swinging for 6 months, and it was more of a personal exploration for him. so now I'm going to read it so I can understand someone elses journey.

Klaus is a dude, he gets a total thumbs up from me, his enthusiasm and love for poi is inspirational. reminds me of the good old days
and he can really drink beer.

forget the nerd awards, he's too nice for that, I'm having it back, unless jon can mount a real challenge.

as nyc would say...


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Posted:I could try and mount a porcupine.

Im sure that would be a real challenge.


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