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Posted:Can anyone tell me the best way to remove links in my chain? He ordered them too long and is now needing to find out the best way to remove a couple links without comprimising the integrity of the chain. Would this require bolt cutters and a welder? Any details/instructions/opinions needed.

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Posted:You could replace the welded ring with one of these
I use them and love them. I've never seen a pair on anybody's that even stretched a little so don't worry about it breaking or bending open. I'm assuming you ordered the pro series chain where it's all welded together. If you don;t want to do that you could contact Home of Poi and do a trade in if it's still in new condition.

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Posted:If you want to remove individual chain links, or a few links, the best way would be with one of those mini multi tool grinder thingies with a cutting disc. Just cut into both sides of the link and hey presto. Just be sure to hold the link in a clamp or with a pair of pliers, because it will get hot.
Good quality bolt cutters would work as well, but dont go out and buy one if you will only use it once. One of those multi tools are very handy to have.

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Posted:even a simple 2 hacksaw does the trick, just takes a little longer than bolt cutters

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Posted:I just unscrewed the triangle piece near the finger loops clipped the chain then rescrewed the triangle piece back on.

This is assuming you have the same poi I got from HoP