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Posted:I was thinking of doing what the subject says, buying a pair of wind and fire wheels and modifying them to carry kevlar wicks. Is there anyone who has any ideas as to how to do this? The wheels I will be using can be found here

steel with chrome covering
20 inch tip to tip

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Posted:depends where you'd want your wick attached, if it were me i think I'd opt to put 4 wicks on the front part of the 'ring' in between the front 4 spikes, leaving the spikes exposed to gleam in the fire (i think making the spikes themselves burn might obscure the shape of the object too much and make it look like a big fire fan). Attaching would be fairly straightforward, the ring's flat so just wrap flat kevlar wick around tightly, fold & sew with kevlar thread (check HOP's guide to sewing up a wick end here on their DIY fan kit
br>Also i would say the heat will be pretty intense with fire that close to your hands regardless of where you mount your wick so maybe try very small wicks to start with and be careful!!!
at post a video, i wanna see how they look smile

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