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MangopeopleGOLD Member
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Location: Wellington, NZ, New Zealand

Hi all,

I am a relative newbie to fire poi and have also just started to learn fire eating. Up until now I have been using kero for both, as the safest fuel with the lowest flash point etc.

However, I'm now sick of the smoke of kero and a bit over the smell too. I'm also having problems with basic torch tricks for fire eating for example I can't light a torch by shotgun? (a thin trail of fuel on one arm to an unlit torch lit at the end of the trail with the lit torch) and there is no way I'd be able to do a tongue pass. I wondered if this is because the flash point of kero is actually too high? (is it is because I'm using the really cheap stuff?!)

I've done a lot of reading on fuels and understand to check the MSDS for myself etc but haven't been able to find anything that answer my question which is - what fuels are other people in NZ actually using? I've heard that lots of people use Pegasol (this seems to be the NZ equivalent of Colemans?) but haven't been able to find where to get it from (I'm in Wellington), if you are using lamp oil exactly what type/brand and where are you buying it from?

Thanks in advance for any help


liquidtrancei dream in circles...
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kero's flashpoint is indeed to high for the shotgun pass, i've been using for a long time now for their pyrofluid, it serves all my body burning/fireeating/breathing needs

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burningoftheclaveySILVER Member
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Location: over yonder, New Zealand

Hi Marie,
Pegasol now has a new name, Solvent 3440 Special. its a high grade, odourless, clean burning form of kerosene. not sure where you can buy it as I have only just found out about it myself, but if I find any chain stores that sell it I'll let you know! smile

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sbengeGOLD Member
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Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Peg can be gotten from a few gull service stations and in regards to fire eating fuelite or colemans are what I use.
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MangopeopleGOLD Member
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Location: Wellington, NZ, New Zealand

Thanks liquidtrance its great to know that its not me doing something stupid!

burningoftheclavey that would be ace if you could let me know if you do find somewhere and it helps to know it has another name!

Stephen thanks a lot! Do you go down to Frank Kitts on a Tues? I keep meaning to get myself down there but tiredness after work blah blah have never actually got there, but am resolved to make more effort!

Thanks all!

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