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Forums > Beginner Poi Moves > Can u help with my wall plane spins?

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28 posts

Despite watching various tips and lesson vids, I can't get my wall plane spins to spin straight up and down like an l
instead my poi are spi spinning like / no matter what speed I spin at. Can anyone help me fix this??

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Smurf24029GOLD Member
Poi Master Smurf
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Location: Tacoma, Washington, USA

I don't remember what video it was that I watched, I just know it was one of Nick Woosley's Playpoi videos. Either way what he said in it was to stand against a wall and spin, if you are hitting the wall then you are doing it wrong. So spin as close to the wall as possible can and try not to hit it. I would suggest using poi that won't damage easily or at all. Not something expensive and fragile that's for sure. Hope this helps, Good luck

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astonSILVER Member
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Another thing to try is work on them one at a time until you are comfy with that. smile

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Practicing against a wall helped me a lot with them. Also try with your non-dominant hand only, really ironing out the plane...it really needs to be pretty flat and controlled for this position. Really try to feel push/pull you give the poi balanced with gravity as its rotating, and if you can practice in front of a mirror, all the better.

Keep practicing and you'll get em. smile

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28 posts

Thanks folks once this rain stops I will lol

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Andy JGOLD Member
7 posts
Location: USA

spinning against a wall really helped me too, i also got my planes under control drastically by spinning in a hallway. if you have a narrow hallway in your house, take down any pictures and use something soft (socks/tennis balls) and start spinning on your wheel plane and move to wall plane, then to wheel, then wall, etc until you can spin in circles both ways without hitting either wall.

like i said, this method helped me A LOT. good luck!

thirteenBRONZE Member
The Death Card
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Location: Minneapolis, MN USA

- use a wall and get as close as possible
- practice
- then practice some more
- then continue practicing
- but seriously, it takes time, be patient and don't worry if the poi seem to have a mind of their own at first. I still think mine are trying to escape the planes sometimes... the poi are sentient!

also keep in mind that being able to do it with one poi at a time is not the same as being able to do it with both. I could spin each poi independently in a perfect wall plane long before I could do both at the same time.
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