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SaFire Dance
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Posted:Hi guys,

Just wanted to give you a heads up on a new event running in Alberta, Canada this year. It's called Spin Out and happens the weekend of June 17-19th. There's a wicked workshops line up this year with classes on a wide range of props and styles of movement.

Check out the event at:

- Hooping workshops with SaFire, Babz and Jewels
- Poi workshops with G, Alien Jon, Thom Thumb and Jay Hale
- Staff workshops with Joey Vedres
- Sabres/Swords workshops with Daniel Tamagi
- Dart workshops with Ninja
- Flow Wand with Pali Endi
- Contact Juggling Workshops with Thom Thumb
- Aerial hoop and silk workshops with Spark
- Belly Dance workshops with Laura West
- Hat Manipulation with Thom Thumb
- Yoga workshops with Spark

- A mix of local and International Instructors
- Performance Gala
- Fire Show and Fire Jams
- 3 days and 2 nights!
- Cozy Cabins for sleeping
- Dance Parties and DJs
- A festival vibe with your community

Much love,

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Posted:Not to be confused with Spunout, Perth's Fire festival...

Anzac Day/Easter Long Weekend
Fri 22nd - Mon 25th April, 2011

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