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Posted:i wanted to know if u can catch fire or have blow backs with paraffin lamp oil like u have with camp flue plz if u really know give me a step by step

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The existance of flamethrowers says that someone, somewhere, at sometime said "I need to set that thing on fire, but it's too far away."


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Posted:Unless the wind blows it back to your face it's not gonna catch your face on fire. And it won't light on your skin, it will on your clothes, but not your skin.

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Posted:Lamp oil has a very high flash point, so itll take a bit longer for falme to ignite the poi heads, and make it that much more unlikly that and excess spin off or body contact would not be of much concern. But always use a spotter. Now if it had White gas (coleman feul) mixed in, than the danger is increased quite a bit for contact/fire points.

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Posted:But is lamp oil good for the poi itself


Posted:But is lamp oil good for the poi itself


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