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Posted:I've been in a rut with poi for the last while, and I was hoping someone could point me towards the next logical move.
I do:
2-beat, backwards
3-beat, backwards
Hip/Shoulder reels
Angel Wings
Thread the Needle

All pretty basic. I've been trying to do backward 5-beat but have no real sense of it. Any other suggestions for what to work on next?

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Posted:Churlish answer would be how to search:1, 2, 3 threads for your edification.

Actually helpful answer:
If you can do a forward 5bt, the backwards 5bt is the same. Just backwards.

I would suggest windmills (high reels, centered just above your head).

But pretty much whatever you feel like. Try the tutorials here.

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Posted:Just to mention a few suggestions:

windmill, 4-beat, both directions
corkscrew, 4-beat, both directions
butterfly behind your head
butterfly behind your back
4-beat thread the needle
different kinds of stalls and stall combinations (in all the modes)
body wraps and other direction changes

Everytime you learn a new move, new combinations open up to you. After knowing the weaves and your windmill, perhaps go for a fountain.. The list goes on.

...And most importantly at your stage, practice plane control and strive for freedom of movement. Everytime you learn a move, search (atleast) for the following things:
-what different variations are there?
-can it be done in different modes?
-can I turn with it?
-can I do it anywhere around my body? (high, low, to the far sides, with extended arms, with curled up arms, etc...)
-How can I accentuate the move with my body to make it really "pop"?





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Posted:Learn everything you know the other way, try to transition between as many combinations of them as you can, and watch some videos for inspiration.

playpoi.com has a ton of beginner tutorials with great breakdowns on a lot of the fundamentals. smile

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Posted:extensions! and you should definitely learn some stall moves. but make sure you can transition into all of those moves cleanly in a bunch of different ways, and learn to do them fast and slow.


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Posted:I would say every move forward - backward, left - right.

I've been doing a smaller scale butterfly fountain that gets several ooohs and aaaaahs.

Actually all fountains are tight.

Variation of the two together.


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Posted:start working on isolations (buzzsaw iso's). Itll take forever to get them down good, so might as well start that track now. Always a crowd pleaser.

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