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Poi Spinners and animal lovers,

This April 3-9, 2011, the first annual Montezuma Gathering will be kicking off with a week of workshops and parties to raise money to protect monkeys from power lines and to support local schools. The workshop is brought to you by Costa Rican Poi academy, La Escuela Del Sol and Anamaya Resorts.

Set to instruct are:

Nick Woolsey
Zan Moore
Srikanta (aka Keith "Barefoot" of Cirque du Soleil)
Eli Montezuma
Kaytibunni (

Plus workshops in yoga, dancing and more.

Zan will also be holding a private workshop compatible with the gathering for those who want to delve deep into their Poi practice and come out a more bad-ass burner!

Some famous DJ's and VJ's are also in the night time line up. Check out for more details.

Pura vida!!! See you in Costa Rica!!!

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