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Sister Eleven
Sister Eleven

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Posted:That was really good, I learned a few tricks just from watching you. Your releases look amazing. This is some of the footage I recorded last summer, I have learned many new tricks since this point in time but these films look okay too... hope ya like it

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Posted:I was about to add the usual cryticism, but than I thought no,
there is really something cool about this, style.



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Posted:I have no criticism for that man. That tech blog was a heaping helping of awesomesauce.

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Posted:Very cool. ^_^

The HardstyleKid

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Posted:sweet vid, how the hell did you lern to go into the behind the back weave from the sides i'm still going into it from a normal backwards weave or from forwards weave to forwardbehind the back weave then rotating my body?