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Posted:I'm a poi girl and have been doing it for a while now and my boyfriend would like to learn how to use a staff. I know nothing about Staffs so was wondering if anybody could give me a bit of advice as I'm intending to buy him one for his birthday in February but have no idea where to start and how to buy him something that he could use!

So, what staffs are good for beginners? What should I be looking out for? What size should it be? Etc...

I did search this and though I found a topic about it, it won't let me load the topic page! So I apologise as I'm sure you've read this sort of thing before!

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Posted:My main piece of advice is try and get to somewhere which actually sells the equiptment rather than buying online. It means that you can test out what your buying and see what feels comefortable and right for you. Everyone is different and everyone spins differently. I personally think that 120cm is a really nice length staff for all the basics but thats just my opinion on it.


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Posted:HoP has a good range of staffs for decent prices!
Contact staffs are probably a bit unnecessary for beginners. Apart from that it really depends on how much you want to spend! For beginners I would recommend that the length of the comes under your chin! It doesn't have to be but its helpful for beginners.
I'd only recommend one wick on each end (see other posts/threads about when to light up and fire safety).
The break-down staffs are fantastic for transporting staffs on public transport / bicycles... but you pay for it!
You can replace wicks when they wear out but wick covers might help stop you trashing wicks to begin with.
For learning staff moves you can't beat having a face-to-face teacher but to learn on your own I don't think you can beat MCP's staff manipulation DVD.

Hope that helps you and happy spinning grin

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