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I went to a music festival recently and saw many interesting variations and customizations of poi. I met a guy who used a sewn crown royal bag with marbles for a rope dart, another who used wooden handles swiveled to silk braid rope with weighted tennis balls heads.

What is most interesting is how the flow is affected by the design of the poi; materials, length, weight, size of poi.. etc. I suppose that customization is critical to the flow you are trying to achieve; and that being so, what are good flow setups and what are good tech setups?

Sadly, I only have a pair of store bought sock/balloon/rice poi and a set of monkey fists. I have a pair of flowlights on order, but I wanted to take an extra step to see if I could make myself a nice tech poi set. Any suggestions on a tech setup? Please feel free to post a picture of your gear.


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