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Posted:Congratulations to the following winners...

# 1st prize of USD$2000 Cash! and USD$1000 credit to their HOP shop account.

Poiboy - Poland. Performed by
Poiboy - Asaf Mor (Israel)

# 2nd prize of USD$500 credit to their HOP shop account.

On the Roof - Scotland, UK. Performed by

# 3rd prize of USD$250 credit to their HOP shop account.

Poi in the Rain - Scotland, UK. Performed by
Keith Marshall.

Again thanks to all that entered hug

You can purchase COL2010 on DVD or download each video for free.

Nows the time to prepare for COL 2011.

Get Filming Now!

May your balls always burn

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Posted:WOW! bounce2 bounce2 bounce2
This really made my day, I still can't believe it!
Thanks! grin

Congrats to Meg and Keith for their awesome videos, you deserved it smile


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Posted:Congrats to all! Poiboy you should believe it, you're a wicked awesome spinner, I really enjoy your youtube vids!

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Posted:Well done guys! grin

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