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Posted:hello, fellow spinners!

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas about how best to transport a fire staff by bike. my staff is home made and so does not come apart in any way, and is about as tall as i am (about 5'5), give or take. i just purchased a bike that I'm still not too steady on (dont worry, no staff transportation until im sure i know what im doing), but ide eventually like to be able to get my staff to and from jams and such without jousting traffic or pedestrians.

if anyone travels by bike with larger toys and has any nifty ideas about either how to attach it to the bike, or how to carry the thing in some other way, ide love to know them!

Thanks, HOP peeps. happy 2011.


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Posted:Hi Pepita,
not sure how it would work on a bike, but firetoys have full length staff carry bags which you can sling over your shoulder to hang down the side of the bike.. hope this helps smile

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Posted:You can either wear it strapped diagonally across your back... or you could (depending on your bike) tie it onto your crossbar so it sticks out front and back. Neither of these options is great though!

Good luck!

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Posted:I would go with along the length of the bike myself, it should be less in the way and not move much if you look over a shoulder or something.

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