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Grace Mili
Location: France
Member Since: 3rd Aug 2010
Total posts: 6
Posted:Lindzee : bolas , poi contact , manipoi - New Ideas , Inspiration & Basic Tech ( Part 1 )



Location: Hicksville, New York, USA
Member Since: 15th Sep 2008
Total posts: 612
Posted:This is great ^_^


Location: New Providence, NJ
Member Since: 12th Jan 2005
Total posts: 32
Posted:Very inspirational! Will start working on stalls and tosses.

Ase Anthony
Ase Anthony

It's my burn life and i'll burn if I want to!!
Location: Minnesota, USA
Member Since: 8th May 2007
Total posts: 76
Posted:thanks for sharing... love it! Just made a set of contact poi myself... happy to get some inspiration on it smile

I spin therefore, I inspire. You spin therefore, you inspire.

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