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Just found staff and thought it was pretty rad! Basically bought a broomhandle and have been practicing and getting to grips with the basic moves but i want to buy a my first Fire Staff. I havent tryed any contact moves really but i really want to know the difference between a spinning staff and a conact staff??
can i practice both on one staff??
also can somebody reccomend me a decent beginner staff and website to buy it off?

Cheers peace out

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Posted:Contact can be done on any staff and any staff can be spun. But when people refer to contact staffs there talking about staffs that are weighted as contact tricks are alot easier to do with a staff that is weighted. Home Of Poi sell Fire Staffs although i've never used one so can't really say how good they are for spinning.


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Posted:It will almost certainly be better to make one for yourself. If there are people around you who spin, try using theirs for a bit.

Get a feel for different staves and then either get one from the same source, or ask them to make one or make one yourself. smile

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Posted:Thanks for the info...

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