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Posted:Ok guys,
here's a question for ya. What is the most outragous thing you've ever done with fire? And what made you do it? and have you ever done anything "naughty" with fire

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Posted:Ooh, this is outragous and naughty.

I place a white puffy candy on the end of a stick and toast it over fire till it's gooey. Then I stick it on a chocolate bar and cover it with a grahm cracker. Then I eat it.

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Posted:Once me some of my friends where having a party at my apartment complex.(THIS POST HAS BEEN EDITED AS ITS CONTENT IS UNSUITABLE FOR A PUBLIC FORUM SUCH AS HOME OF POI.


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Posted:OK, I'm going to be all grown up here: Fire is really very dangerous and I think sometimes we forget that when we're spinning it and having fun with it.

Spinning is one thing, but messing about with fire is a completely different story. Virtua Trancer - you're an idiot, a moron. Fire destroys, and this includes your skin. I know there are people on this board who can tell you the constant pain of serious burns and everlasting punishment of burn scars. Don't chance that happening to you.

So, don't **** about with fire.

And when a 13 year old asks you what outrageous and naughty things you've done with fire, please don't answer.




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Posted:Im with you on that one Dom

Fire is an Element, and as much as people think the understand it, we cannot control it to a high enough level to F*** around with it.

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Posted:although i think pwb's post was ok.... think i'll try that one- yummmmmm

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Posted:[Edit] Problem gone

Fire is an one of the four elements of power. (Water, Earth, Fire, Air.) While it is my element I am not deluded enough to think I can control it. I have the utmost repsect for fire, and what it can do. IT is the ultimate paradox both a creater and a destroyer. IT's the closest true thing to pandora's box. Remember play with fire and you'll get burnt.

On a lighter note: mmmmmmmm smores. Damn good Idea PWB!

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