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Posted:So, 2011 is starting soon, what's everyone's goals for this year?

I actually did most of mine this year, maybe because it was Poi goals and not Staff goals wink

My goals:
1) Do the poi courses in Israel.
2) Write more articles for my website.
3) Clean up the stuff I know with contact poi
4) Learn new contact moves
5) Learn more Negative Space combos
6) Travel again.
7) More throws.
8) Learn to dance
9) Write new fire and manipulation routines for IJC, and summer festivals.
10) Find interesting stuff with knots.

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Posted:1. Learn to spin 3 glowsticks at once
2. Get better at the dancing aspect of poi
3. Idk, squeeze evermore fun out of poi

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Posted:Good idea, my goals of 2011:
1) More videos.
2) More travel.
3) Clean up acrobatic tech and make up some more.
4) Get some cool non-fire poi instead of using dirty socks.
5) Update poi diary with the new stuff from the last months of 2010.


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Posted:1) Practise regularly.
2) Visit some good workshops around the world.
3) Meet more people.



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Posted:1) Try get hold of a camera and actually make more videos
2) Keep up as much as possible with the edge (concepts at least, even if I can not actually do a given move)
3) More ambidextrity
4) More work on contact poi (arm rolls out of catches are still eluding me)
5) Spin more

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Posted:A year is a long time, I've got quite a list of things I'd like to do this coming year.

1) Traveling, obviously. To Guatemala first, then maybe to Costa Rica for the PlayPoi workshop.

2) I need to work on ambidexterity as well, not just with poi, but in everything.

3) Contact Poi, actually ordering stage balls tomorrow to make my first set.

4) Not exactly poi, but relevant: Learning Devil Stick this year too. Just ordered that as well, it should be here next week.

5) Acquire a video recorder and set up a blog. Not just for poi, but my travels in general.

6) Not the highest priority for me, but only because they would be hard to transport, I'd like to learn buugeng. I just don't see them fitting in my backpack though laugh3

Plenty more I'd like to do, but this will keep me busy for a bit.


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Posted:Honestly, I can sum up my goals pretty easily:

Meet more awesome people.
Play/Learn more.
Get better at what I can already do.
Have fun doing it.



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Posted:1) Clean everything up, better timing and placement.
2) Stop being camera shy.
3) More video and learn to edit well.

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Posted:1/pick up the poi more often
2/practise more

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Posted:1. Clean up what I do know already
2. Dance more with the movement of the poi
3. Improve being comfortable in front of a crowd
4. Start a local poi club
5. Advertise my skills more for events and gatherings
6. Make epic videos to post on YouTube and Facebook

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Posted:1. pick up poi more often
2. better movement
3. better flow
4. improve what i know
5. learn new stuff
6. buy fire kit and perform at my colleges 450th bday

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Posted:1) Develop better slit time wall plane control
2) Learn spiral wraps

I'll be happy if I just accomplish those two smile


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Posted:Oh also, start remembering all of these crazy censored moves that I know whenever I spin because I was showing someone some of my crazy things that mostly I just do or found on my own. And I remembered a bunch of random things that I haven't done in forever and create some cool things on the spot. The worst thing is I already forgot most of them...

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Posted:1. Learn poi.


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Posted:1. practise poi regulally
2. travel and find a poi teacher
3. make a poi boyfriend
4. learn new handcrafting
5. learn yoga
6. learn taichi
7. read more
8. think more
9. adventure more
10. ...

i love poi, even though i just start for 3 weeks , poi is my dream in the coming year.


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Posted:Practice more, flow better, learn to do everything I can now with my practice poi with flowpoi duos and fire.

Continue to have fun.


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Posted:- Figure out the next body of technique I really want to work on
- Get the hang of more performance and movement skills
- Flow and cleanliness
- Make Firedrums or something (didn't manage this last year, would love to make it this year).



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Posted:- meet at least one other person living near me that is into poi (shouldnt be too hard now ive joined this forum)
- travel back to south east asia and show the guy that inspired me to learn poi what ive accomplished with 1 years practice.
- beat my addiction to valium
- learn yoga or tai chi
- practice poi poi poi




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Posted:As I started in the middle of december 2010 I've got a looot to learn. grin

1. Try to get through all poi lessons on the site. I'm in the middle of "beginner part 2" so... I've got things to do!
2. Learn to improvise a routine. As a majorette I'm used to have routines while performing, but I feel that poi should be more free.

...aaand some twirling goals too:
3. Develope my baton twirling tricks (and my association in general.)
4. Try twirling with fire (i.e. buy a staff! I've been craving for it for too long!) ubbrollsmile

I'm a majorette/baton twirler who just started to learn poi.


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Posted:So 2011 poi goals
Make my 1 year poi video then make other videos
Learn to isolate everything
Work more on inside planes/framing
More contact poi stuff
Work on negative space stuff as well
Run more workshops at festivals


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Posted:~Make a fire poi set (a friend made my last set, there is a lot of exposed metal frown )

~Poi with others / get people into poi

~Make LED glow poi

~Play more with glow / fire and film it

~Stop accidentally hitting my kids with poi

~Move into a house with vaulted ceilings

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Posted:hrmmmm.... goals for 2011...

1) Expand my knowledge and feed my craving to learn more and more and more about the amazing world of poi.
2) Practice at least an hour every day.(even in the freakin cold)
3) Do steps 1 and 2.


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Posted:1) SPIN!!! more that is, even if I have to spin in snow!

2) Find more interesting places to spin than just my front yard

3) Work on my Isolations and stalls more

4) Start my long journey of flowers

5) Choreograph something or at least start learning that process


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Posted:Get into atomics flower, CAP, and stall patterns.

The only luck is bad luck.

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Posted:really just want to expand my basic poi vocabulary as much as possible this year. the more I learn, the more I escape from the mindset of "do this move, then this move, then back to this move, repeat," and the more I'm able to come up with new stuff on my own by combining different elements. I'm also learning a lot about how the poi feel and how to work with the forces of physics to reach that state of flow.

so right now, my goals are:
- everything in this video:

(I'm pretty close... except for butterflies. damn you, butterflies!)
- flowers and flower turns
- isolations and stalls
- spiral wraps... so close, and yet so far!
- playing with stuff and adding more beats, extensions, etc.
- refining plane control and cross points
- spin with fire!

yeah, a lot to learn. but I've got a whole year ahead of me!

oh and last but not least, I'd love to find a practice space with a full-length mirror. I have one in my hallway - and that's great for forcing me to keep my planes straight, too - but there are only so many things I can do in that cramped space.

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Posted:Make more poi friends... One awesome friend down, many more to go smile
Fix/get right wall planes
Learn and polish at least one new move a month
Learn to connect / dance between the moves and expand on the ones I can do already

Flowers, flowers, flowers... They're amazing and I want to get them right smile


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