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Posted:I have just received some poi as a xmas gift. Very excited to learn i have had a go with my friends in the past and started to get to grips with it. however, the poi i received for xmas use rubber ball handles, supposedly ergonmic, and i am finding them difficult as the ball is in my hand and my fingers then get in the way of the string.

Predictably enough typing the words 'poi' 'ball' and 'handle' into google did not produce a very specific search...

Is there a special grip or any pointers anyone can give me?

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Posted:I personally hold the ball with the string coming out between my thumb and first finger most of the time although depending on the tricks i'm doing depends on the hold i use. My advice is just to keep playing with them and find a way which works for you.
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Posted:I've been using monkey fist style handles for months and think they're great. Perfect for throws and catches. I just hold them with the chain coming out between the thumb and index fingers. Or wrap them around the index and middle finger and pinching the chain with my thumb and index again.

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Posted:Pretty much thirding what has been said. Play around until you find something comfortable.

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