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Posted:Ok this is a dumb Question, But will people think I'm gay if I get into fire spinning, I guess I don't really care but I do, And no offense to any body who's gay because I'm not one to judge, and I have gay friends and don't mind at all. I just worry about what kinds of techniques i'll be getting into.

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Posted:How old are you OP, eighteen? Lol come on, if somebody wants a reason to hate you, they'll think of something. At least do something badass and rub it in their faces. Besides for every one person who thinks that's "gay" there are a dozen more who think fire is epic. The point is to not give a damn. People might say whatever, but let's see any one of them grab some burning toys and do anything other than censored up and look pathetic. Pretentious douchebags exist at all levels of life, rise above that.

On a side note experience has shown that rednecks love fire. It's true, spin some ball or LED poi around and they couldn't care less. Now light something on fire and do the same routine: they'll love it and offer you much Budweiser and Coors for your manly danger defying display.

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Posted:I agree with Josh very much. I am highly straight as well, not bald though tongue2 And I use my old fire head with fluffy, fuzzy headcovers on them for practice poi. My fluffies are like famous at practice laugh3

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Posted:Honestly, I never though of poi as being a 'gay' activity. I mean.... It makes me feel gay, in the literal sense of the word.

Take it from a 100% straight man who occasionally happens to have a relationship with another man, that there is nothing gay about poi.

I hate to use.... well, I don't know what type of lingo this is but.... "Hater's gotta hate."


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Posted:If people think your gay they will only think that untill they see FIRE IN AND AROUND EVERYWHERE! I know plenty of people who were all 'ew twirling is so gay" then they actually saw it and they then said " OMFG THATS SO HARDCORE" people are idiots and their opinions change quickly. smile as for hair, clumping it up a shoving a hairtye around it generally works. unless your a real retard you probs wont set your hair on fire. hair will singe before it burns so unless your planning on holding the wicks near your hhead i think you'll be right. Head scarves are always a good idea if your worried though.


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