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Well I don't know if there's a great enough demand for this or if people are willing to travel from cornwall or surronding areas into plymouth. But I'm thinking of setting up a regular meet on weekends or anytime which is convienent for like minded poi'sts to practice poi. Primarly on the Hoe, this is where I practice at the mow, or somewhere in cornwall could be arranged to be a meeting place.

So if anyone is interested leave a message And depending on demand I will try to organise something. (even if it's just a meet up with other people).

What do you think?


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Posted:check the cornwall thread, that has the beginings of a plan and also ther's a list of some cornish hop'ers that may be useful. (i live a bit too far away (penzance) but i could try every now and then.

Good luck


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Posted:Its got to be worth investigating something regular.

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Ive just been bought some starter fire poi after wanting some for a while and i live in plymouth and would be intrested in joining a club for something like one to learn more because youtube dosent work outside! also i know of a few people that would be intrested in a club in plymouth. im sure after people know there is a club and see people about more will follow. I;ve seen quite a few people about in town with devil sticks and diablow's and im guseing after seeing a group effort they would join. also there is a parkour scene in plymouth and a few of them would be intrested maby.

could some one please get back to me?

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Posted:Hey Xiodow!
There is a small group of spinners (Poi and Staff mostly) that meets up in Freedom Fields usually on sundays, though I dont know if they are doing a lot at the moment it being horribly cold out there (in fact its snowing right now)

If you're on Facebook I can send you the the invites as and when they arrive.

Alternativly, I'm always up for spinning as I really dont care about the weather wink

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