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poi addict
Location: cali
Member Since: 18th Sep 2010
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Posted:So, i was wondering what everyones faveorite move is?
i know theres alot of them, but try to think of one haha smile

to spin or not to spin, that is the question.


Fate Keeps Telling Me To Stop

Member Since: 24th Sep 2009
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Posted:3D flowers. I'm obsessed.

My favorite move I can't do is kate mccoy's triquetra archer weave thing.

Spinners United Leader
Location: Missouri, USA
Member Since: 2nd Sep 2011
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Posted:i dont really have a favorite move per say but if i had to say along the lines of i do it more then others it would either be a hyper loop thread the needle all variations or sprial and inf spiral wraps. also working on the shotgun wrap once i get it down it will be up there as well!


Love is life
Location: Northwest Ohio
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Posted:I would say I definitely do too many spiral wraps just because it was the first thing I learned after the basics and always thought it looked cool as hell. as for favorite though, I like trying to incorporate floats into my spinning and have actually came up with a float style flower I havent seen anybody do. (I'm sure somebody has done them but, I haven't seen any videos of it.)

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Fate Keeps Telling Me To Stop

Member Since: 24th Sep 2009
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Posted:I now think there is nothing more fun than pentagram unit circle hybrids. I feel like a ninja when i do them.


Location: Somerset
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Posted:I had to add this post and what I have to say is really NOT that exciting, but I just LOVE behind the back waist wrapping. It just FEEEEEELS so good to do doesn't it? Or is that just me?
Either way if I spent as much time on other moves I could be good by now.. lol

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Member Since: 12th Feb 2012
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Posted:Thank you for this article. Thats all I can say. You most definitely have made this post into something special. You clearly know what you are doing, youve covered so many bases.Thanks!

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Member Since: 26th Feb 2012
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Posted:idk why but i love stall's (:


Location: the U.S.
Member Since: 30th Mar 2012
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Posted:Most definitely a 4 pedal anti spin fountain. It's a real crowd pleaser when i do a basic iso in front of me, then step to the side and go into it.

Location: Guthrie, Oklahoma
Member Since: 4th Jul 2008
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Posted:I love doing crossers out into an antispin fountain. Just something about it feels so smooth

Alcoholic FlowMaster
Location: Knoxville, TN
Member Since: 5th Oct 2011
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Posted:waist wraps/dodging daggers. cuz everybody loves the under the legs, when youre spinnin fire grin makes me smile/lol

Liquid and Fire is a beautifully breathtaking combination

Location: Belgium
Member Since: 9th Mar 2011
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Posted:contact/ manipulation and contact/ manipulation and other contact/ manipulation shocked

Trybal Wolf
Trybal Wolf

Wolf Furry
Location: Earth
Member Since: 3rd Jul 2012
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Posted:Currently, 4-petal butterfly anti-spin flowers. cool

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Member Since: 8th May 2012
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Posted:The bicycle the butterfly and the fountain they are all really simple but I love how they look.

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casually noob tech poi spinrar
Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
Member Since: 22nd Nov 2010
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Posted:Right now, a really simple 4-petal wall plane flower, and something I've heard called a 4x2 beat fountain or 4 beat windmill.

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shadow stranger
Location: Carmi, Illinois
Member Since: 29th Nov 2009
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Posted:right now butterfly waistwrap turns smile

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Location: Cheyenne, Wy
Member Since: 2nd Feb 2009
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Posted:Mine's a tie between meltdowns (either direction or butterfly) and hyper-loops, switching from forward to backward. The feeling is really natural, especially hyper-loops.

Location: London. UK
Member Since: 2nd Jul 2012
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Posted:Meltdowns for me at the moment, took me a month to learn why my left poi was smacking me in the back of the leg every time. Its got a very satisfying feel to it smile

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Bam Bam
Your Average Every Day Sane Psycho

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Posted:for all you guys who said waistwraps/meltdowns, try getting into the meltdown (the full waistwrap one, not the btb one) and when your hands are at your hips, do a pirouette, it looks really cool and everyone seems to love when I do that. Its a great flowy type move and one of my favorites right now

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angry turtle
Location: Another haunted factory.
Member Since: 21st Oct 2012
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Posted:Originally Posted By: Sister ElevenHonestly, turns are my favorite if we're going just by how much I like to do them. Just in general, reel turns, flower turns, turns with weird degrees of twist, floor plane flowers... I just like nailing a turn. Runners up are any kind of stall, and split-opp/split-opp antispin wall plane flowers.

this was posted two years ago, but i'm in the same boat today. so...



Mark Jackson
Location: Pennsylvania
Member Since: 10th May 2012
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Posted:Favourite moves are definitely all things under the legs. In particular there is a move I can do that goes from BTB to the front but under the legs and then back. Not sure what its called... maybe you can decided

around 4:10 to 4:20 is the time frame I do the move.

|Mycelium Mark|


Member Since: 19th Nov 2010
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Posted:I've always loved random isolations, just throwing in one or two turns into a weave or something. smile

XLR8 to the finish


Member Since: 15th Apr 2012
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Posted:My favourite is one I created(At least, I haven't seen anyone else do it =P), it's a combo of a wrist wrap and an orbital.


Location: St Helens, merseyside, England
Member Since: 19th Mar 2013
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Posted:the five beat weave smile still has the boundless around-the-body potential of the 3 beat, looks fantastic and can be woven into combos with stalls, hyperloops or any other move i fancy smile


Member Since: 30th May 2014
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Posted:zan's diamond. for sure. actually, zan's diamond hybrids.

and body tracing zan's diamond.

and split time stalls

and 6 point stars....

wait i have too many favorites.

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