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I'm experimenting with kevlar rope. I was wondering what's the best way to tie/sew the ends of the rope so it doesn't fray? I'm currently sitting with one of those big curved needles and kevlar thread to sew up the ends. I was thinking of folding them over themselves so I can sew the frayed end onto itself somehow. I'd rather keep them at mostly 10mm thickness though. Does anyone have any advise here?

I think I need an industrial strength sewing machine.

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Posted:Mostly I just use gaffer's tape, but try googling "whipping rope" for sewn solutions that will hold together. Probably you'll want to use the smallest, sharpest needle you can fit the thread through, and a pair of pliers to drive it through as the rope gets compressed by the whipping.



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Posted:Just soak the end of the rope with PVA glue.

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Posted:im wondering the same thing, sort of...

im making my own isis wicks and im using the european finnishing knot of the circle braid, but im not sure how to keep the knot from comming loose like on my polyester proto's.

im getting kevlar thread and pva wick glue. im just not sure how i should finnish it.

anyone got any ideas?

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