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Posted:hey guys i don't know if you've heard of www.reddit.com but its a pretty huge social networking site. its almost the only site i look at as it has most everything i need.

they are doing a talent competition and of course i want us to put alot of poi or other object manipulation vids on their to get more exposure.

id love to inspire just 1 person to pick up their first prop and the only way to spread is to reach out.


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Posted:Cool idea. Will see who steps up.

Am keen, but have nothing worth spreading much online at the moment.

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Posted:Do you have to have an account on the site? If so I'm not gonna set one up to do it tongue2

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Posted:It takes about 2 seconds to set up an account with reddit.


Posted:it prolly took you longer to set up an acount here 2 seconds is a bit of an understatement maybe 30 seconds..... maybe... do it, its a great site regardless of the talent show. There is alot to learn and laugh at.



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Posted:I already stay up till 4am becuase of stumbleupon.

I'll be damned if I have another site to keep my inomnia going.

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